“The Ector Theatre beckons the picture loving public to an evening of entertainment in Odessa’s newest, most modern theatre.”-Odessa American



The Ector opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday   Aug 1, 1951, touted as Odessa’s newest most modern theater.Originally built by the Hodge Family, who owned and built several theaters throughout West Texas, it housed the second largest screen in the State of Texas and was the premier source of news, cartoons, and first run films for residents of the Permian Basin.


By 2001, The Ector expanded its offerings and hosted sold out shows of live performances and Broadway shows such as Cinderella and Chicago. The historic theater eventually closed its doors as competition from larger chain theaters and increasing infrastructure costs grew.


As part of the City of Odessa’s downtown revitalization efforts, The Ector was given a complete restoration and retrofit to accommodate grand scale live performances. Original parts of the theater have been painstakingly preserved; most famously, the wrap-around neon marquee which has been described as a 1950’s beacon of Hollywood proportions.


The Ector premiered it's first live show after it's reopening in April of 2021 and plans to bring world class, live entertainment to West Texas while remaining a platform for local talent.


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